Sunday, January 09, 2005


Hi, my name is Himawan.
I'm not an expert. Not yet.
I'm just another guy working in networking and security field in UAE.
It's a small country in middle east.
Google keyword: burj al arab.

During my experience working in IT field, I have possessed several professional certifications:
Cisco CCIE (#8171), CISSP, SANS GCFW, Planet3 CWSP, Cisco CCSP, EC-Council CEH, Sun SCSA/SCNA, and Checkpoint CCSE.
But none of those certifications is important.
I'm just a student. And my subject is the Internet.
And I have to keep learning...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Om him,om himawan juga punya sertifikasi CISSP dan CCSE ya?kok gak ada share tentang sertifikasi itu sih Om.?itu didapatkan kapan?kan selama ini Om him lebih ke Network,klo sert CISSP dan CCSE kan lebih ke security ya Om?

wah memang mantabs om,belajarnya cepat.