Friday, January 21, 2005

Gentoo, everyone...?

I used to be a Red Hat user.
It all started when I was still in my university.
I had a hardcore-linux friend who taught me there is another OS than Micro$oft Window$.
Thanks to him, I spent my 50 bucks monthly living cost to purchase "Red Hat 4.2 Unleashed" book. Hey, back there in my country 50 bucks is more than enough for a student to live and still have fun.

Anyway, since few months ago I have decided to move to Gentoo.
Red Hat is no longer exist, leave its users like me with no choice: migrate to Fedora, or join Enterprise territory.
I choose to abandon them completely. No offense to community who shed their blood to continue developing Fedora, but the idea to provide free software at the beginning then start charging after people get used to it doesn't make sense to me at all.

So here I am now, staring at two monitors: 21-inch HP P1110 connected to Sun Blade 100, and 14-inch IBM T42 LCD display.
I'm doing Stage 1 installation on my Sun, and emerge -u world on my IBM. I keep the Window$ XP and IBM partition on my T42 though, just in case.

Some people say Gentoo is difficult to install. Well, I guess they are wrong. Gentoo community has put a lot of effort to make Gentoo Installation Handbook. Use it. RTFM. Google is your friend.

This is not my first installation. Perhaps, my 7th..or 8th? Gentoo power lies on its Portage. Once I get the system up and running, I don't need to worry about how to install new packages or upgrade my system. Just type the magic word: emerge.
Curious? Read the Gentoo Portage Introduction.
So what are you waiting for? Go to now and start reading the story of Larry the Cow. Enjoy.

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