Sunday, February 13, 2005

eBay is Bliss

Isn't it?
Perhaps, if you live in US.
I have been using eBay for couple of years.
I bought things from notebook, wireless card, PDA, sun workstation, and even baseball shirt.
If you look at the price, it's very easy to get temped to buy.
To bid. To snip the bid. Watch all the suckers lose the auction only in the last minute.

But the problem for me is: I live in middle east.
I bought an item for $10 and the seller asked $35 for the shipping cost.
One shirt for only $25 but $60 for delivery charge.
The other day, one seller sent me the wrong item.
Or even broken item. (maybe it was broken when the seller shipped it?)
And yeah right, they said I can get refund by filling the form from my post office. But first I had to take the picture, downloaded the insurance form, filled the complaint. Sent everything to the seller, and got replied that there would be another form I had to download from USPS office and filled.
And then? No more news. No more reply from the seller.

So should I still use eBay to buy something?
You bet, I will. I can live with the risk.
That's what make the effort worth even more.
Hello power sellers, I'm looking for Sony Aibo ERS-7 !

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