Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm in love

Today I'm in love.
Not to any female students in the University where I spend most of my time (have I mentioned that one of my biggest customers is American University? And my company signed the contract with them to put me dedicatedly as a network and security consultant).
I'm not falling in love to any secretaries in my office either.
But to OpenBSD. I'm in love with OpenBSD.
It's funny since I have been with OpenBSD from version 3.2. But I have never been using it for something useful other than as firewall to protect my home lab or PC labs in my office. Curse me!

Have you ever seen the movie where two best friends fall in love after several years of their friendship? They didn't have the feeling before, until one incident happened and clicked their mind?

It happened to me too. Couple of days ago I re-arranged my book shelf and found the Absolute OpenBSD book from Michael Lucas. I started reading the book and some strange feeling came to me. My hand was shaking, my heartbeat became faster and faster, I could hardly breathe... The book is so good and made it really hard for me to stop reading. OpenBSD rocks! How come I have just realized that OpenBSD is so beautiful after being with it for almost 2 years?
Easy to install yet provide minimum and secure default packages, BSD airtool for wireless auditing, BSD ports mechanism, scrubbing and bandwidth management, and nice T-shirts for only $20!
So since yesterday, I started installing this OS in several PCs. One will be my next NTP server, one will be my Squid server, and one installation in Sun hardware for testing. And btw, finally I received my Acer TravelMate notebook that I gave to my company for repair. It took them almost 2 months to fix it. Well the problem was only with the charger but with free repair cost I should not complaint, should I?

Now I'm trying to install Gentoo and OpenBSD in that notebook. I have finished the BSD part, and now waiting for my Gentoo stage 1 installation to build my base system. The objective is clear: dual-boot notebook with wireless tools in both OS.

Gento... is just like my first wife. And OpenBSD, is just like another girl I have a crush with after having couple of years marriage.
Thanks to you, Michael.

Hey, this post should be about configuring Cisco PIX Firewall.
The part where I should explain how people can connect to internal servers from the Internet. Well, after completing 3 blogs, several installation of OpenBSD, and about 9 hours Lord of The Rings DVDs non-stop, looks like the next thing I need to do is to hit my bed.
Until our next meeting...

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