Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stuck in a Moment

Busy, busy, busy.
What a lame excuse.
But I don't have a better excuse for not updating my blog.
My new boss is here, so I have to work a bit harder to show him my existence.
I have been busy with some network and security monitoring stuff.
Don't worry, they will be published here once they are ready.

And other thing that cursed my time is my wireless course.
I conducted wireless network crash course last week called:
The Invisible Network Revealed.
The title is cool, but the course was not that cool.
I had a problem with both my Powerbook and IBM T42.
They betrayed me during the d-day.
My powerbook refused to connect to the Infocus projector.
And my IBM T42 self-destructed its hard drive when I tried to connect it to the same projector.
I did the course eventually even I felt that it was awful.

Anyway, busy time doesn't always mean no fun.
I was having a good time in the middle of desert, watching the RF signal flies:

The power of 20 dBi Yagi antenna is in my hand!

I have so many things to upload to this site.
But I believe it's gonna take a while.
Keep in touch.

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