Monday, August 22, 2005

Being a CCIE is not easy

Being a CCIE means...
- You have to carry a very high expectation on your shoulder just because 'E' stands for Expert
- You pass CCIE in Routing & Switching but people expect you to know everything from cabling, wireless, ip telephony, optical, MPLS, security, QOS, etc
- You may have a cool job title but you still have to mount devices, doing project, presales, giving training, troubleshoot, consulting regardless of your title
- People think you get very high $$ salary
- You become the last resort of troubleshooting, when everybody give up they give the console to you
- You open a case with Cisco TAC asking for help, just to find out the engineer assigned to your case knows the problem less than you
- You order a CCIE shirt from Cisco and the shipping cost is !@#$%^&*) more expensive than the shirt itself
- When you complete a marvelous task, they say: "well you are a CCIE, it should be easy for you" and when you don't perform well they say: "how come CCIE can't do this simple task?"
- You try to explain the problem to non-technical boss and he says
"man, stop nagging!"