Friday, September 30, 2005

dotProject for CCIE

I'm not an organized person. It's very easy for me to mix things and end up being confused because I've never kept the track of myself.
For that reason I have been trying to do some improvement, for example by writing a blog. Well I'm not a good blogger as you can see from number of posts I made within the last several months. But hey, something is better than nothing, right?

For my CCIE journey, I decided to use project management tool called dotProject.
It's an open source web-based tool and I think it's really cool. Just take a look at the screenshot:

I have been trying to put everything I have done and what I'm going to do during my journey.
Don't expect me to explain how to install dotProject, just RTFM!

If you look closer, you can see that I have been busy to get my lab from eBay on June. On the last week of June I passed my written test, a test that must be taken before you can register to CCIE lab. I started practicing Cisco security technology in my lab on July. But from August to mid-September there is a gap, no activities recorded in dotProject.
What's happened?

Well, I spent my time during that period to learn MPLS and Quality of Services. I even passed Cisco CCIP certification. Why did I skip my original plan and learned somehing else?
Because it's fun. What else?

From mid-September I have returned back on track.
Since I don't have much time left before my first attempt (the schedule is still not fixed, I'm still waiting for my Visa to go to Brussel) I have to study even more.
I have only 24 hours a day and I have my family too.
So the only way to get close to the target "500 hours hands-on lab" is:
by sacrificing my sleeping time.

My daily schedule, until I pass the exam:

06:30 Wake up, read some news on the Internet
07:00 Take my daughter to school
07:30 Sit and have discussion with my wife
08:00 Go to office
13:00 Lunch break, go home
13:30 Short nap
14:00 Back to office
17:00 Go home, family time
(if my family still take nap, I take my 2nd nap with them)
21:30 Wait until everybody's sleeping
22:00 Start my lab
03:00 (sometime more) Stop geeking out, go to bed
06:30 Wake up, back to the schedule for next day

During the weekend: Go to sleep as much as I can, go out with my family, go home and back to lab

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'സമഗ്ര വികസനം സമൂഹനന്മക്ക് ' said...

Hi Himawan
Nice to see your track record and am really respectful of you..I can see a very good family bond even between your studies. I wish you and your family good time. I am also a CCIE aspirer. Now looking ahead to join Etisalat in net security..