Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Home Lab

Place where I spend most of my time.


Anonymous said...

Hey ,
you should post a listing of the whole equipments :-)

Anonymous said...

apa itu alatnya mas? total brpa $$ beli semua alat2 itu ? hehehe ^_^
ada tutor nya step by step Dynamips?
dan pass4sure terbaru gk ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Himawan,
I read your journey getting a CCIE and would like to thank you for it. I am starting to build a home lab myself but it would be difficult in Vietnam here for buying old routers and PIX on eBay.
If there's no problem, I would like your help to introduce me another way for buying them with reasonable price, either from you. I know I love to have them and would do for it. I am looking forward to your opinions.

Unknown said...

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