Friday, January 27, 2006

Double CCIE

Everything that has a begining has an end.

It's over. It's finally over. I still can't believe it.
This morning I received the result of my CCIE lab that I took yesterday in Brussels and it's showing that I passed.
I made it. I finally passed CCIE Security. I can't believe it.

According to Cisco, as per January 1 2006 there are only around 700 guys who have passed more than 1 CCIE lab all around the world. There are less than 600 CCIE security. Only 400 who have CCIE in Routing & Switching and Security track. Most probably I'm the only double CCIE in Middle East.
This makes me feel good. Makes me feel really good! O yeah!

For couple of hours, I was totally uncontrolled. I was really happy.
Jumping around on my bed. I went to nice restaurant and ordered expensive food. I walked around Brussels city even it's 0 degree temperature.

Then, it's time for the classic question: what's next?
Double CCIE is good, but it's not enough.
I know I will never have any chance to setup complex network technology. Not as long as I stay with my current job.
So the only time I can deploy all the fancy stuff is when I learn CCIE.
This means next stop will be CCIE Service Provider.
Fortunately I still can use my current equipments.
But for now I need to sell some of them to get my financial status back into balance again.

So.. pix firewall, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations !
I work for a small french service provider since 4 years and we only use Cisco routers and switches...
I hesitate to try CCNA... So when I see that someone is having 2 CCIE, woaw!!!

Félicitations !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dude... you are a real inspiration!

Anonymous said...

bung himawan...

wah..saya jadi terinspirasi melihat postingan anda. selamat bang!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mate...

I look up to you...Its so possible and I'm working on that achievement.I'm currently CCNA and working on my NP...

I'll keep you posted as to my progress...

Great stuff....

Anonymous said...

i could use a pix ;)

q p l a y e d ( _@_ ) y a h o o ( d o t ) c o m

Anonymous said...

Well done! where are you working at the moment? I am working on a list of contract roles at the moment, mainly in financial sector, please get in touch if you are interested in moving around.