Sunday, January 15, 2006

Life Is Beautiful

Nine precious days that God gave me makes my life simple and cheerful.
Before I was planning to divide my time by 3: 8 hours for CCIE, 8 hours for my family and 8 hours for sleep. But looks like I would miss a lot of fun things in life with 8 hours sleep.
So now I sleep only 5 hours a day, just like before. Maintain the 8 hours to study for CCIE, and spend more time with my family.

I went to the beach several times. Wasting my tyme by lying on the white sand of Jumeirah beach for whole day is not wasted time at all. Playing with waves next to the most prestigous hotel Burj Al-Arab makes me feel alive.

My life is almost perfect.
I'm missing only one more thing: CCIE security.

I have changed the way of studying CCIE.
Before it was practice, practice and practice. Now it's practice, read CCO, and pray. I'm slowing down my speed but working on accuracy to answer lab questions. I'm trying any possibilities for Firewall, VPN and IDS configuration in any scenarios.
I'm spending more time to read CCO, technical tips, sample configuration, technology support and networkers presentation.

I dont' know if my new way will make me pass CCIE lab.
I still have 10 more days to find out.

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