Monday, April 10, 2006


If you had to choose between these three, what would it be?

Option 1 – Keep the status quo
Stay with current job as both Consultant and Senior Engineer, it means still dealing with all Cisco stuff, may get into several interesting MPLS and VPLS projects that will come up, but no proper job description, do both configuration and consulting
Pros: still keep up with my main interest: Cisco console!
Cons: field engineer job, may do physical work like mounting etc

Option 2 – Same shit, different style
Stay with the same company, but move to sales department as pure pre-sales consultant, stay away from the console, white collar job, get more respect by selling more
Pros: try to do something different, gain more respect
Cons: may get blame when losing project, work for the same company

Option 3 – Uncle Sam, here I come
Move to US, get H1b visa trough some agency company, most probably will be located in San Jose, may be able to work with even Juniper or Cisco, but get only 60% paid from current wages, need to separate from family for first couple of months
Pros: dream comes true, even far from perfect
Cons: lose hell lots of money, need to start from ground zero again, separate from family

So what would it be? Option 1, option 2 or option 3?
Option 1 is the easiest to pass my time while collecting money, and I have already had reputation on this field.
Option 2, will give me respect and proper job description. I still have yet to show my skill as designer and help my company to sale more.
Option 3… hmm, let’s see. Lose money, go into completely new country, work through agency, separate from family, must build reputation from beginning, must compete with the best network guys on the planet, no certain future.

No certain future.
Everything really depends on my self.
It really depends on my performance over there.
I may reach the top of the world, or just end up as a loser.
And that uncertainty is the only thing that makes this option worth.

Choices, one thing that makes our life so dynamic.
And I believe I have already taken my option.

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