Saturday, May 20, 2006


I’m overloaded.

From the past couple of months I have been involved in 4 major projects in my company. Some of them are the largest that we have ever dealt with. This promotes my company as the hottest Cisco partner in the country, and we do the hottest project in town together with Cisco directly. And how about my roles? From technical project manager, lead engineer, designer, consultant, implementation supervisor, to logistic manager. Working starts from pre-implementation until training and project hand-over.

I’m under pressure.

All the projects have similar time frame. All of them started from last month, and 2 will start the installation during this summer, while the other 2 will be still in design process.
Meeting, meeting, meeting. Design workshop. Presentation. High Level and Low Level Design. Implementation Plan. Network Ready for Use. Site Readiness. Material Delivery. Staging. Material inspection. Site survey. Testing procedure. Documentation.
So many things to do, so less time to have.

I’m overjoyed.

Four different customers from airport, shopping mall, residential and university. Different technology on each place. From MPLS Layer 3 VPN, very high availability design, 10 Gigabit to the edges, triple play with Multicast and QOS, OSPF multi area, Wireless network with LWAPP and layer 3 roaming, IP Telephony, Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System, up to network management. Different design and customer requirements. Different expectations. Different rules.

I’m choked. I’m choked, to the limit.

I can’t breath. All the workloads. All the responsibilities.
It’s hell a lot of fun, but it’s not worth it anymore.
Keep working days and nights, even during the weekends.
No complaints, until I started getting phone calls from my daughter:
“Daddy, where are you? I want to have my dinner with you.”

I’m choked. And I believe it’s not worth it.
Especially since I still haven’t got my respect.

I need to do something about it.

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