Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm Regular

In Snowboarding, if you put your left foot in the front of the board, then you are regular. But if you put your right foot in the front, then you are goofy. Which one is better? Most people ride regular buat it's really a matter of preference. And that's the funny part within my 3-weeks experience learning snowboarding in Ski Dubai that I would like to share here.

After taking 5 lessons and fell down miserably last week, and got small bruise and scar in my face, I started questioning my decision to ride goofy from the 1st lesson. At that time my instructor told me to put the strong foot in the front, and for me it means my right foot, hence I became goofy. But just like in CCIE, it looks like you can't trust a single source. I read The Snowboard Book from Lowell Hart, and he mentioned clearly that "Snowboarding is, literally, life on the edge". Any snowboarders should be able to balance both edges from heel to toe. When I ride goofy, I can stop with my heel edge very well, but I can't do the same using my toe.

So after 1 week forensic investigation to examine why I fell, I figure out that with my left foot in the back, it's so weak and not helpful to control the board. I can make a right turn easily, when facing downhill, because my right foot in the front can turn the board around. But everytime I try to make a left turn, my left foot can't provide support to turn the board and I can lose control easily. I believe this is the reason why I fell. Case closed.

Yesterday I decided to ride regular for the first time. That's quite funny. After spending 3 weeks I still can't figure out which ride is better, goofy or regular. But I believe that's one of the lessons from this story: always evaluate yourself. And the second lesson: Trust no one, even Agent Mulder. Always try to get different resources for comparison.

And the result for my first regular riding experience? Not bad.
I fell down only about dozen times, and that's because I was trying to ride my board over the rail, one of the freestyle tricks. I was able to link the turn to make multiple S patterns. With my right foot in the back, I can use it to get more control to the board. When facing downhill and make a right turn, I can use my right foot to bring the board to toe edge position. And when facing uphill and make a left turn, I can use my right foot to bring the board to heel edge position.

So I'm regular, and I have decided to stick with 150 board.
I'm regular just like most people.

It sounds so familiar, doesn't it? I'm a regular person. Even I have two CCIE but I'm not an expert. It's difficult for me to distinguish myself.
So it looks like I have to do something about it.
I'm thinking about my CCIE Service Provider plan.
Snowboarding and CCIE. It may works.

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