Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Interviews

Yesterday morning I went to two different places for the interview. The first one is a multi-national company, and I used to work for them several years ago ;)

After introducing myself, I told them that I need to wear my sunglasses during the interview to cover up the bruise in my face. When they asked me what happened, I almost said that I don't want to die without scar. But then I remember the first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. So I told them the truth that I fell and fainted in Ski Dubai the day before.

Guess what? The interview became smooth afterwards. When they found out that I have another life other than geeking out all the time, it's relatively easy to talk. And since I have two CCIEs I guess they decided that it's not necessary to verify my technical skill.

This company does almost similar with what my current company does, so other than the new environment I don't think there will be much changes if I join them. But I don't bother. I guest I have reached the point where I can separate my personal life with my job, something that almost impossible to be done before. Being jobless for some time and keep waiting hopelessly for Cisco to hire me really taugh me a lesson that it's better to work in any company and have my life outside the workplace.
So bring it on, just give me any job. That's not my life anyway.
I left the place with the promise from them to send the offer as soon as possible.

The second company is quite different.

First of all, it's a government company. And the second, I'm going to manage the internal network. Huge network. Most probably the biggest in this region but it has never been published due to confidentiality concerns.
I'm a big fan of government agency-related TV series such as X-Files or 24, so somehow I feel excited about it.
Third, not only the network is huge but it also utilizes various equipments and latest technologies. I know if I decide to join them I will have to sign Non Disclosure Agreement so for sure I will not be able to share my work to anyone, not even in this blog. But remember the separation between personal life and work? Why can't I have exciting work environment and do exciting activities outside working hours?
And last but not least, the money is good.

While driving back home, I got a phone call from one telecommunication provider in UK. The technical discussion was fine, and the HR personnel asked me to check with UK local embassy whether I can get working permit as computer-related engineer eventhough I don't have bachelor degree in computer-related. Other than this issue, I believe they are interested to continue the process.

I have new different choices now. And it all happens in one day.
Thank you, God.

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