Sunday, October 01, 2006

Officially Jobless

Yesterday was my last day in my current company. So I woke up this morning as a jobless person. It's official now.

Well, actually it's not that bad. I have several offering letters in my hand from different types of company. The first one is from a local company who wants me to work with them in multi-million dollar projects with UAE goverment. The second offer comes from my own company. Well, after 3 months acting like they don't need me anymore suddenly in the last day they came and really gave me a good offer. The third offer is from one multi-national and Cisco Gold partner company that unfortunately doesn't put Cisco as its main business. And the last but not least, I received an offer from one consulting company who makes lots of money only from consultancy services.

I haven't decided which one to go so until I make my decision I will stay jobless. But fear not, I still have enough saving to allow me to play snowboarding even I have to start eating ramen noodles. And I was able to add several TV show series into my collection: Scrubs season 1 to 5, Prison Break season 1, and Lost season 1 and 2. So it looks like I will be able to enjoy my unemployment time with style.
Jobless with style.

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Anonymous said...

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