Saturday, March 31, 2007

In the Moment

Chris Turk, a young surgeon, was upset when his superior told him the reason why he’s not chosen as the best surgeon in the hospital is: "..when you're working, I can always see your wheels turning. You're thinking about what you have to do next, what could go wrong. You're not in the moment.."

Well, I’m not sure whether to be the best surgeon in real world you should stick with what you are doing right now and not to focus too much with the next moment, I just took that plot from one of the episodes of Scrubs TV series anyway. But most of the time I seem to forget this basic principle too.

When I want to achieve something in the future, I tend to forget what I have in hand right now. I start making the plan to achieve my target but at the same time I start ignoring my today’s task.

So you want to move to better job? Keep broadcasting your CV but don’t ignore your current job. Want to move to different department? Apply and do the negotiation but don’t leave the tasks with the existing team.

Wanna pass CCIE? Stop dreaming and do what you have to do today: pass the written test, get the workbook, setup the lab, join the study group, ask advice from other CCIE and so on.

Plan for the future but don’t forget what we have today.
Be in the moment.