Friday, August 31, 2007

Thin Line

Let me apologize to begin with,
Let me apologize for what I’m about to say
(In between, by Linkin Park)

I have a confession to make. Since the moment I started this blog, actually I like to spend some time to read it. Some people don’t do that. They like to write and never bother to read it back, except to check for the reader comments perhaps. I read my own blog just to see how far I have gone trough. Or just to look back and compare between my previous and current thoughts. Or, I do that simply to inspire myself when I get stuck within my CCIE journey or my life. It’s quite embarrassing actually, being inspired by my own blog.

There is a thin line between being opened and trying to show off.

How to being opened and share your experience without trying to show off? When I trace back all my writings, sometime I reach the point where I get fed up and say ‘this guy is so annoying, keep talking about himself’. I reach the point when I start thinking ‘who is this guy, trying to teach others about life, talk about achieving something in life. He doesn’t even have proper life’. It’s true. It’s so true. Sometime I feel like I have crossed the line and I have crossed it too far.

There is a thin line between being arrogant and trying to inspire.

Yes it is difficult to keep it within the line. But even I keep getting that feeling every time I read my blog, I have no intention to delete or modify any of my previous writings. The fact is, I started this blog so I can write my thoughts. It’s just like a pressure valve in my daily life. So I can release the tension. So I can write about what I do. What I have done. And I may read it again someday just to laugh of it. So it’s all about me and what I have in mind. And some people out there may like to read it because they can get some information and take advantage out of it.

But for me, even no one will take advantage from my blog, I will not stop writing or change the way I write. Some people may hate me for this, but I live with all decisions I make and all the consequences that I have to bear.

If you don’t like this fact, just stop reading my blog and remove the URL from your browser history. But if you still think that there is still some useful thing in here, even only a few, that you can learn or use from my experience that I share, continue your reading since I have a bit more for you in my next post:
My Triple CCIE journey during the past 6 years, in brief. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? If you *dare* to stop posting or change the tone of your (our?) blog *then* I'll be really mad!

I would just like you to write more often. I know it is hard, but I know you can ;-)

Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed with vladimir, haha


Anonymous said...

Himawan, in this not so easy world of certifications, you are our inspiration, you give us the strength to go on and be better. I think you are a great man, you show us, without to show off yourself, that we can reach our goals also if these goals are very hard. I'll continue to read your blog, it give me strength. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

man, most often i open your blog to find if you have something new. Believe me you inspired us a lot on your writings and experiences in fact we get also some tips on our own road to ccie...

keep writing.... and make us inspired


Anonymous said...

your blog is a great inspiration, your motivation and focus are great but... sleep only 3 hours/day is a super-power most people miss ;-)


Anonymous said...

I can not wait for your next post....
Man, you are the inspiration of many "wanna be a CCIE"....
thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

Luis (from Virginia):-)

Anonymous said...

Take it easy bro! I enjoyed reading your blog - so inspiring that I am reviving my old dream to be CCIE. Just bought 2x2620XM getting more soon for my home lab. Err ehh I was in IBM Malaysia 2000-2002 - read this email from a guy IBM Indonesia - forgot his name but this guy passed CCIE and the proctor actually stop him from (before end time) continuing because he already passed. Was that you? :) You're cool man!