Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Alonso's Story

Fernando Alonso came to McLaren team as dual world champion of Grand Prix Formula 1 season 2005 and 2006. And he got the two titles with his previous team Renault not in an easy way since he must took them from the legendary Michael Schumacher himself who had kept the titles for so long. And when Alonso moved to McLaren, the only reason he had in mind was to become the champion for the third time with his new team faster car (it’s not a secret that Formula 1 technology was lead by only two teams: Ferrari and McLaren). That was his reason. That was his goal.

He was supposed to win the title again with McLaren this season and promised to get all the supports. Alonso was told that he was the number one driver in the team. McLaren has always been a strong team with fast car but they just can’t win the championship. Hiring the world champion might be the answer to achieve it this year.

But in the middle of the championship, McLaren realized they have another talent in the team from the other driver who is supposed to join as rookie and just spend his time this year to learn from Alonso. This is the team’s home grown driver, who got full sponsored when he was still racing with small car. The team focus then shifted to the rookie. And the rookie performance was so incredible he could win the race in few tracks that he had not race before!

Despite of Alonso’s decision that may be considered by some people ‘not having the team work spirit’ by not helping his rookie teammate who has already lead the championship, and his decision to inform the F1 committee about the spying activities of his own team to Ferrari, I still believe he should not be treated this way.

The fact is, he was hired as world champion. Two-times world champion. He was hired to win the title again with McLaren. So Alonso would get the title and McLaren could finally achieve their dream to become the champion. He was promised that he would get all the supports. Alonso was told that he would achieve his goal to keep the champion title as long as he can help the team to win as well. The rookie performance was superb, but there is no reason to overlook the previous world champion that was hired and promised to win the title again this season with the full team supports.

In the end, McLaren lost everything and Ferrari took all the trophies.
McLaren can only put both of his drivers below Kimi from Ferrari, and their constructor points as a team have been striped off completely for this season and next. It’s all because they can’t keep working as a team. Both drivers became so competitive, they fought each other on the track and they even stopped talking for a while. And McLaren as the team somehow let the situation continued until the end.
Formula 1 means living in the fast lane, so one bad decision can lead to catastrophe.

This story is quite familiar.
A story about talented guy who is hired and promised to get all the supports to achieve his goal. Not everyone can be a Formula 1 driver, but this kind of story can be in any fields. Once the guy joins the new team, he realizes he doesn’t get the full support anymore since the team has changed its focus to either another guy or another thing that looks more promising. The guy can’t accept this fact since he moved to this team to achieve his goal and he was told he could get it. Then the team starts breaking up. In the end, no one wins.

Yes indeed this story is too familiar.

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