Monday, January 14, 2008

Survival Mode

Everytime I do work that I don’t like but I have to do it anyway, I call myself as being in Survival Mode. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I cannot deliver a good result. I still can perform, but it won’t satisfy me. And that just means I can do the work but it won’t make me happy.

Being in survival mode for quite long time is not a bad thing either. Sometimes it’s even a blessing in disguise. Because the frustration in this mode can force me to take decision that I would not even consider during normal circumstances. It might be a bad and jerky move, but on the other hand it can be a brave and bold decision that can change my life forever. Looking at the outcome that I may gain from the decision made under survival mode, I would say it’s a good way to jumpstart my life.

So let’s start measuring the level of my survival mode.
I put survival mode level measurement in this blog and when you see I’ve been in high level for quite some time you will be able to guess that big changes may come from me.

It’s 85% as of today. I guess a storm is coming.


Anonymous said...

Same with me, I'm stay in Survival mode too.

Anonymous said...

Good one on the idea of the survival mode! lolz

I have been in this mode for 1 year, resignation letter has been given, now waiting for the day to start something else. :)

Himawan? what is so frustrating until 85%? Must be clients asking you to trace cables. lolz

You are already at the top (if not the toppest). Next change in your career would be starting business. lolz