Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro 2008

This June is an interesting month for me since I have to finish 2 migration projects while doing another 3 projects in 5 different countries. Thanks God it's over. I mean finally I completed the 2 migration projects and handed over 1 project to my team mate after completing the initial phases. It was tough time, but it was fun too at the same time. And fortunately there was Euro 2008 on TV for almost 1 month. It has no relationship with my projects but it sure helped me to pass through the tough time. I tried to watch all the games even in the middle of my busy time. And sometime I even had to watch in the Airport during my transit from one country to another.

So here is the list of places where I watched Euro 2008:

Final - in Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Semi Final - 1 in Changi Airport and 1 in Hotel, Taiwan
Quarter Final - 1 in Changi Airport, 1 in Customer site (during migration), 2 in Hotel, Saigon
Qualification - 4 in friend’s home, 4 in the office (Internet TV), 1 in Hard Rock Cafe KL, 3 in hotel in KL, 1 in Changi Airport, rest either at own home or didn’t watch

Just FYI, Euro 2008 game normally started around 1.45 or 2.45 am in South East Asia countries. So high pressure from projects combined with less sleep. Perfect.

Looking forward for new challenges (and new excitements) on July.


Anonymous said...

how about PON in Indonesia? ;p

Ranjan said...

Finally got a chance to talk to you today! Amazing experience!