Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Good Day

Today I'm really happy. Early morning CET time I watched Valentino Rossi clinched his sixth MotoGP world championship (eight including 250cc and 125cc) with victory in the Japanese Grand Prix at Motegi.

Then in the afternoon I watched Fernando Alonso scored a surprise success in one of the most eagerly anticipated Grand Prix in Formula One history, under the lights of Singapore.

I know, there is the first Formula One night race in history happening in Singapore but I'm here in Prague, Czech Republic. But still I'm so happy with the achievement from both guys.

This must be a good day for me. It's been amazing two weeks in Prague. I'm going out to walk now to enjoy the city.


Anonymous said...

haha..I knew you're gonna post about rossi.. :p

Anonymous said...

Hi H,

I've been following your posts for a while now and have found it to be inspirational. However, i have noticed that something seems to have fallen way for you to be doing what you are currently doing - traveling from country to country...spending countless hours studying and doing lectures...Here is an extract from your post in 2005 - i ask now - where is your family in all this? where is your wife and daughter? if you have given up your family for what you quote is the road less traveled - you are indeed a sad sad person and to be pitied if you think that all that you have achieved is much more important than your family. I'd choose my wife and my sons any day of the week over your would-be road less traveled. I'd rather be average and be a good dad than an excellent network engineer but a rubbish father or ex-father/husband.

06:30 Wake up, read some news on the Internet
07:00 Take my daughter to school
07:30 Sit and have discussion with my wife
08:00 Go to office
13:00 Lunch break, go home
13:30 Short nap
14:00 Back to office
17:00 Go home, family time
(if my family still take nap, I take my 2nd nap with them)
21:30 Wait until everybody's sleeping
22:00 Start my lab
03:00 (sometime more) Stop geeking out, go to bed
06:30 Wake up, back to the schedule for next day

During the weekend: Go to sleep as much as I can, go out with my family, go home and back to lab

Himawan Nugroho said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for your comment. But I don't do that schedule everyday. I did that when I was chasing my 2nd CCIE. You read only the partial life of mine. That schedule actually shows you that I always try to keep the balance even in the middle of a very tough journey. There is time when I have to travel for a month continuously like now, but there is time as well when I don't have to travel at all and I can work from home, from my own bedroom. That's the reason why I can have my Ninja and persian cat :) When my kid has day off in school my family can travel with me and we did this several times in Asia. The only reason why they are not here in europe is because they don't have schengen visa. And once I move back to Dubai it will be better because I can always go back during the weekend. Especially since now I'm in a very good team in Cisco with a good position. All the hard work and sacrifice in the past start getting paid off. So no need to feel pity for me, feel pity to those who think the balance in life can be achieved only by taking 9-to-5 job. And even my daughter won't like if I become an 'ordinary' worker. I wouldn't have story about new places or small gifts from different country for her, she wouldn't be able to come with me during her vacation, and life would not be that fun for her. That's what she told me :D

Anonymous said...

IMHO, we can't judge other people based on our own thinking. It would be like an eagle who's pitying a polar bear because it doesn't fly. While in fact, a polar bear has great life on its own without flying...just by being a polar bear.

Every person has different choice for his / her life. Some people may choose to be a globetrotter, while other people prefer to stay in one place. Some people prefer flexible hour work while 9-to-5 is preferable for some people. Etc.

Instead of judging others or trying to fit in to society norm, it's much better - imho - to be honest to ourself what's our heart's desire and live our life fully for that. If family is the top priority, then go for it. If profession is the top priority, then go for it. If 50-50, 80-20, or even 100-0 or 0-100 is preferable, then go for it as well. As long as we are honestly believe that it's the best for all concerned and it's our heart's desire. And, by keep being honest to ourselves, the time may come when our priorities are changed. Or, it may not. Either way, it doesn't really matter. What matter is we live our life fully according to our heart's deepest desire at this very moment. :D