Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life Would Be A Mistake

So here I am in Prague, Czech Republic, to do yet another CRS-1 migration project. Frankly speaking the project can run smoothly because the customer is very knowledgeable and they know exactly what they want. I was leading the migration and I built the plan, but they really contributed and did most of the verifications. So I was grateful because it's almost over and so far the plan is successful. Only when the migration is done my boss told me this is the first production network to implement Secure Domain Routing and IPv6 over MPLS (6PE) in the world running the latest IOS XR software. Salute to the Czechs!

I would not have a chance to witness this if I didn't take decision to leave my senior position in previous team to join the WWSP team. I would not be here if I didn't make decision to join Cisco AS from Dubai to Singapore. Even at that time I had to ditch all the stable life in Dubai and change into travel freak. Further more, I may not be able to work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world today if I didn't make tough decision to leave my comfort life in my country to start working abroad about 7 years ago.

Valentino Rossi once said, what if he had never tried it. What would happen if he had never raced motorbikes. Well, I'm sure a talented and focus minded guy like him can be successful in any type of sports that he chooses. But he got the point. Thing can't only be said, it has to be done. Knowing the path is not enough, we must walk the path.

I may be able to say similar thing like him someday. But for now I would just say that everyone must take risk to live the life to the fullest. Let's get out from our small cubicle and see the world. Everyone must travel to enjoy life. Let's visit new places and accept any new challenges. Let's make tough decisions for a chance to see better days. Let's risk what we have in hand for a chance to see the brighter future. Go where there is no path and leave the trail.

So I'm almost done here in Prague. I'm heading to Munich, then Madrid next. Or perhaps I may go to Bratislava, Slovakia instead.
New adventure here I come.

Without traveling, life would be a mistake.
Without taking risks, life would be a mistake.
Without tough decisions, life would be a mistake.


Anonymous said...

good luck for the next project sir..wish u all the best..:)

Engineer Alaa said...

Every time I read your blog, it energize me and let me increase my efforts toward acheivment..
hope you engoy your next trips.. and remember to tell us your findings there

SeeKer said...

"Let's make tough decisions for a chance to see better days."

Definitely right !

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts. Something that make me think is how do you handle your family time. Do you travel with them? or at this time are you an ex-housband and ex-father?..I hope not..

Anonymous said...

Well done with your migration, I totally agree with you that we need to make tough decisions, take chances and just jump into the unknown sometimes. Who knows maybe that's the secret to happiness, just as in business you have to take risks to obtain large gains, maybe its the same with happiness and having a full life.

Keep well its good to see you posting more often again.

Anonymous said...

Hope that you enjoy the german "oktoberfest" in munich!

greetings from a double CCIE working in the munich area/germany

Himawan Nugroho said...

hi anonymous double CCIE, yeah I had a chance to go to oktoberfest and it's... (trying to find the best word) ... pretty cool :) too bad I have only 3 days in munich but I may go back here sometime in the winter

Anonymous said...

Great brother!
If you have time plz write a new post everytimes you move to next country.
And thanks for your time in SG :)