Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

"My job takes me to a lot of places.
It's got its downsides.
I sleep alone. I eat alone.
I'm used to it though.
I'd like to meet someone.
But it's tough when you live out of a suitcase.
I go where I'm told. Do what I'm told.
I shouldn't complain.
The work is steady,
The money's good.
But it's not for everyone.."

Why does it sound very familiar? Anyway, I'm watching the High Definition version of this movie over the Internet on some website that provide hundreds of online movies for free. We are really close to say good bye to regular TV forever. TV is still evil. But on-demand TV is not. And the new platform from Cisco Systems can provide solid infrastructure to support huge demand of bandwidth for that.

Only one day left. Get ready.

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