Friday, November 14, 2008

The Better Traveler Continuous

The world's economy is still sinking, and I believe we all must take part to be more efficient and help reducing unnecessary expense. Again, I can't cut the number of my travels since nowadays I only travel to deliver onsite work and to meet the customers. But as I mentioned in my previous post I should be able to minimize my expense during any travel using all the 10 Points from the Himawan's Way to a Better (and cheaper) Business Traveler.

Currently I'm counting my expense that I spent in my last trip to Bratislava from Nov 2 to Nov 13 and for total 11 days travel in average I spent 20.41 Euros per day for food, taxi and so on (exclude the hotel and flight fare). It's still higher than the last time which is 18.6 Euros per day. Most probably it's because this time my flight reached only up to Vienna and I must use taxi from Vienna airport to Bratislava. But even thought the taxi from Vienna to Bratislava costs me 90 Euros, the flight fare from Singapore to Vienna via Dubai is much cheaper compared to a flight from Singapore to Bratislava via Munich. The flight via Dubai took longer time due to 4 hours in transit but this is something that I'm willing to take to save about 500 Euros different in flight fare.

Unfortunately I can't use any other hotels other than the one listed in my company's preferred hotels. Otherwise I may really go to the extreme just to cut my expense. Well, I guess we have to start from something first. The amount that we can save today may look small, but it may make the difference eventually. And we should always have this frugality in our mind as part of the culture, and not because it is forced by company policy.

Will try to do better in my next travel.

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Anonymous said...

Euh, ke Viennanya pake pesawat apa? Pesan di agen atau langsung ke maskapai?