Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When We Move

Today is my second day in Dubai. I landed yesterday morning without any hotel reservation at all. Thanks God, I still have my UAE driving license so I can book a rental car online and it has been waiting for me in the airport the moment I arrived. I guess in Dubai having a car is more important then having a hotel room :) I reached Dubai a bit too early, 4 am in the morning, so I spent time to drive around the city and beyond. I even drove a bit too far I almost reached the capital city, then I decided to go back and went to Cisco office directly. We need to do this some time. It's good to remember the old days when I used to drive 180 km/h in Sheik Zayed Road, and to enjoy the sun rise while listening to my favorite radio channel. It’s good for my mojo, and to start a brand new day in Dubai.

My mission during my short visit to Dubai this time is simple: to try to get my working visa. Then it becomes expanded since I must continue with the visa for my family. And then the kid school issue comes up. O yes, I have to find a temporary apartment that I can pay monthly until everything is settled down. I also need to open a bank account otherwise I would not be able to get my first month salary on time. And last but not least, when I was in my country on my way to the airport I received a message from my team that I need to work on some project while I'm in Dubai.

Anyway, it will be interesting to meet old friends and my former customers when I used to work here. It gives kind of funny feeling to come back to Cisco office as employee compare to when I was still working for a partner company. To meet the guys that I used to worship ;) because hey, at that time they were Cisco and I was outsider, so they're always right!

When we move, it's just our trail we left behind. It's just our name and reputation we left behind. The impression in others' memory on how good or bad we are. When we move we leave a story.
Let's see how is my trail that I left in here couple of years ago.

Welcome home, my best friend greet me.


Anonymous said...

Sukses terus Cik!!!

SeeKer said...

it's nice to be back home :-) !