Friday, December 12, 2008

Write From Heart

A friend of mine asked me a question: how come it's possible for me to write my blog in between my busy schedule? He wants to follow my path in blogging so he needs to know how to start and to maintain consistency in writing. He claimed it was just a simple question that requires a simple answer. Yet it took me few days to reply.

First, I thought it's because the nature of my job requires me to always write to make documentation, to communicate via emails, to propose plan and so on. So I have to keep writing even outside my work to maintain the flow. Remember Newton's first law of motion: the object that is in motion will be in the same state with the same velocity until a force acts upon it.

Then I was thinking perhaps it's because I write to release the tension. Every time I feel under pressure from my work, I try to divert my mind by writing about something else. Something completely different with what I'm currently doing.
It always works, at least for me.

I also like to utilize my time, for example during the transit between flights, to write. I prefer to do this instead of sitting in the airport watching the people moving around, even I have to admit it is fun to do as well especially in big airport like Dubai or Singapore. I almost missed my flights few times because I was so focus with my writing.

Or perhaps I still can maintain my blog because I don't write that much. In average I write only 4 or 5 entries per month, and most of them are not technical.

And I only write what I see, what I know, what I have done. Even when I write something technical, I usually don't spend much time to check with the references. I write only as I understand, as I have experienced, and I use my own words to describe something that may have been described differently in the references.

My only issue with writing something technical in blog is I need to be careful not to disclose confidential information from my company. Whatever topic I want to write, I always have to honor my company's non-disclosure agreement.

Last but not least, maybe I can keep writing because I never worry if anyone will read it or not. I will continue to write in this blog even if I'm the only one on earth who reads it. I really use this blog as my life journal. Something to review my life and decisions I made in the past. I read the blog to evaluate myself and to make me always remember what I have been through to reach my current state. Freedom in writing. I think this is the most important.

Finally I found the ultimate answer. Probably it's just because I always write from the heart. I don't feel any pressure to write. I can write whenever I feel it, and whatever I feel inside my heart.

So, want to write a blog? Just do it. Start writing. Move the object. Then we don't even need to put additional force to maintain the flow, unless we want to change the velocity or make it stop.

Write for ourselves, and write from the heart.


Demarco said...

Man, keep on writing. I check your blog almost everyday. You have many interesting ideas to share.

Anonymous said...

Very well written and poignant...