Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview @ CCIE Goes Official

Update: I heard it won't be interview but computer based questions instead. Oh, crap.

Just got it today. I wrote similar idea in my previous post. Good luck to all candidates. And let the real CCIE candidates win! :)

Changes to CCIE Lab and Written Exam Question Format and Scoring

Effective February 1, 2009, Cisco will introduce a new type of question format to CCIE Routing and Switching lab exams. In addition to the live configuration scenarios, candidates will be asked a series of four or five open-ended questions, drawn from a pool of questions based on the material covered on the lab blueprint. No new topics are being added. The exams are not been increased in difficulty and the well-prepared candidate should have no trouble answering the questions. The length of the exam will remain eight hours. Candidates will need to achieve a passing score on both the open-ended questions and the lab portion in order to pass the lab and become certified. Other CCIE tracks will change over the next year, with exact dates announced in advance.

Effective February 17th, 2009, candidates will also see two other changes in CCIE written exams. First, candidates will now be required to answer each question before moving on to the next question; candidates will no longer be allowed to skip a question and come back to it at a later time. Second, there will be an update to the score report. The overall exam score and the exam passing score will now be reported as a scaled score, on a scale from 300-1000. This change will not affect the difficulty of the current set of exams and will assure CCIE written exams will be consistent with Cisco’s other career certification exams.


Anonymous said... last ... hope they will do to all tracks! :) now we can know who's really really ccie!


Anonymous said...

Cisco's marketshare is declining ...try to pick up other skills

Anonymous said...

nobody are real ccie

Demarco said...

I never doubt a CCIE's skills. Look at the salary lists. Still, a CCIE has sometimes something to learn. Nobody is an absolute expert.
Now I will respect CCIEs #25xxx+ more and more.

Anonymous said...

As my first attempt is coming closer i was initially worried by the added stress of the "theory" questions.

Soon i realized that its an effort to keep the value of the numbers i will get *hopefully*.

I dont think it is in the right direction. An after lab interview explaining why you solved the tasks the certain way would be more accurate.

One last question i always had in mind. What good will a fake ccie number do to my future work or interview?

People using exam cheats are cheating themselves.