Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CCDE Practical Exam Registration is Open!

The next CCDE Practical exam registration is open. There are only three locations around the world: Chicago, London and Hong Kong, and the exam will take place on 26th August 2009.

The way to register was not very clear too me, so let me share it here in case you are confused too just like I was.

1. You need to pass the CCDE qualification 352-001 exam first
2. You need to have an account in (you should have it by now, since you must create an account there to register for the qualification exam)
3. Go to Cisco Learning Network, CCDE, Practical Exam tab.
Or just click this link.

4. Click on one of the locations in Registration Steps point no.2.
5. The location you select will take you to website, login, then select the 352-011 CCDE practical exam. Follow the procedure to pay the exam.

I believe the seat is quite limited so please hurry if you are interested. And if you want to take it with me, please select London :)


JTBACCIE said...

Awesome Himawan. Keep us updated on your progress!

Anonymous said...

design skills cant be certified ..
who do cisco think they are .

They will try and certify creativity next ...

Just goes to show majority of engineers I have worked with in Cisco are rubbish .
I would say good solid engineering talent in Cisco is a thing of the last

Anonymous said...

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Himawan Nugroho said...

Hi anonymous,
thanks for your comment. I agree any skills, not only design, can't be blindly certified. The certification is there to help building the foundation of the knowledge. Later on, it's the real world experience that matters.
Regarding your comment: "majority of engineers I have worked with in Cisco are rubbish" I bet you haven't lived long enough to see the great engineers from Cisco :) And frankly, I don't consider myself one of them.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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brittanymlemay said...

This demonstration was built with the same tools used to create the actual CCDE Practical Exam. However, the demo is much shorter; it ccde practical