Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Another Day @ Work

I woke up after only 2 hours sleep. There was no time for taking shower nor breakfast. Still wearing the same short I opened the IP/MPLS Core Low Level Design document that I have just completed several hours before. The design was based on extensive online meetings and conference calls with the customer and my team mates. I applied best practices and optimal design to ensure it has answered all the customer requirements. My presentation slides were ready. I read both documents for the last time just to ensure I didn’t misspell anything.

I grabbed a Red Bull from the fridge. My laptop was still connected to my company using a secure and encrypted connection. I’ve been spending my time every night until 5 or 6 in the morning for about a month to complete the design. I usually worked on the document in my own bedroom. It gave me a pleasant feeling and put me close with my family. I started working on it after they went to bed, because in a day I would be busy with all the relocation issues and helping my wife to take care of the kids. And working at night from my place would match the time with the folks in US due to a different timezone. My internal company's Instant Messaging system was ready and still blinking as I received the answer to all my queries related to the hardware in the design from the developers in San Jose.

All the hard work was done, and today was the presentation day.

I finished up the energy drink that has been keeping me awake for the past several weeks. I login to the WebEx to prepare the session. I fired up the WebEx Connect to ensure I have uploaded all the documents and to check if my team mate puts his latest review of the design there. I used the callback function to dial my IP phone, which I put it on speaker so I could talk at the same time sharing my slides or drawing something on the application that I shared on WebEx. I could share my desktop so the customer can connect to the internal lab from my PC to verify the configuration of the devices that I used to simulate the design. I also wanted to show my face to the customer on the camera while presenting, but after only 2 hours sleep and no shower I would guess it might not be in their best interest to see me.

I sent message to my mate using IM to check if he was able to see my slides on WebEx. In a few minutes, the other parties would come and join us.

I was presenting the Low Level Design from my bedroom in Dubai to the customer somewhere in Africa. My team mates were in Spain and Hungary. The Project Manager was sitting at her home in Nigeria.

Some people say this is how to work in Internet era. Some people call it true Collaboration. Some would say this is how all the web-based collaboration tools leverage the Web 2.0 concept. Others name this as Work 2.0.

But for me, it was just another day at work.


Unknown said...

Nice post neighbor,
Webex on iPhone is a cool tool on the go...

(from building 13 - DIC)

Unknown said...

hi Expert

This is what i am looking for in the CCIE, working from home. sometime it may be hectic I know. but still its fun working around the world at different time zones.

Webex on iPhone , i need to check this out.

Ajay's Blog said...

Hi Himawan,

That's really a interesting post. Technology really is helping a lot.


kamal said...

amazing sir .......