Sunday, May 31, 2009

When I Make Mistake

In any projects I have been involved, it is very common to make a mistake. Or mistakes, if that matters. This is a good sign. Making mistake is one way to remind us that we are still human.

The question is: what should we learn from the mistakes? Try to avoid to repeat the same, obviously. But for me, I want to move further by writing down all my mistakes and sharing it to others. And in my current team, it's part of our responsibilities to replicate any knowledge that we have to another team. That's why they call us the 'practices' team.

So I'm trying to write down all my mistakes that I made during the deployment and implementation of all my previous projects. It is quite rare for me to be involved in a brand new network infrastructure known as 'green field'. Most of time I have to build and deploy the new setup by upgrading the existing setup. And most of the time the process of doing so is not straight forward.

So the output will be the strategy and detailed approaches that I (with all my team mates) took in handling the different type of deployment scenarios. I hope the information can be useful.

I know I may not be a good writer. I'm a blogger and the way I write may not be acceptable by my company's high standard of documentation. But I will make sure it will be published somehow, within my internal organization and public. At least, I can make sure it will be available in this blog.

Expect less blog entries while I'm doing this.

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Anonymous said...

Permission to quote your statement :

"Making mistake is one way to remind us that we are still human"