Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What? An expert level certification for dedicated professionals who can manage, maintain and troubleshoot complex service provider IP NGN core network infrastructures? A CCIE track to develop capabilities to operate large, complex SP networks? To demonstrate skills required of a expert-level, Tier III or Tier IV support? And there will be IOS XR?

I'm not sure if this is necessary. I still believe the current CCIE SP track must be upgraded with the new equipments so we can have more scenarios that replicate the real-world network design and issues. Then the current SP track should be enough to build a strong troubleshooting skills and to validate the knowledge required to maintain a complex NGN network. If possible throw the traffic generator in the lab so the candidate will be tested with forwarding plane as well instead of only control plane function.
But that's just my personal opinion.

And since I'm more interested with network design, it looks like this new track is not in my best interest.

Btw, even Cisco really upgrades the equipment of SP track someday, since I have passed it I won't be allowed to re-take the exam. So once I'm free from the current night shifts that I'm doing, I may go ahead with something else. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you... they should update CCIE SP track with required IOS as well as IOS-XR that should do the job.

Anonymous said...

I too agree... this is just for a support CCIE role.

Sounds like callcenter ccie....lol

喜早 said...