Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yet Another Dune Bashing

"Gentlemen, please gather around."

"Welcome to Area 53. This is a short briefing before we start."

"Always maintain the momentum to keep the car moving."

"Follow the track from the car in front of you."

"When climbing the dune, slower is better."

"We can always try again if we don't reach the top."

"Keep the safe distance between cars."

"In the side slope power is the only friend."

"Use low-range gear to descent the dune if needed."

"Be responsible for the car behind you."

"Steep dune. Bowl. Slip face. Let's do some dune bashing!"

(Pictures courtesy of Indra Wirawan)

1 comment:

Maher said...

This is cool man! New adventure perhaps? hehehe ...having fun !!