Monday, May 17, 2010

Against Blackberry, no more

It's been 3 months since I started to use BlackBerry. What? Aren't you the same guy who wrote 'Against BlackBerry' about a year ago? Yes, it's true. Shame on me. But please allow me to explain:
The local mobile operator in Dubai offered my office the BlackBerry handset for free if we were willing to switch from another operator. Since my office always pay for the premium services for everyone anyway, so it was a good deal because everyone can get the handset for free. So I got mine 3 months ago. With free unlimited data usage. It's free as in F R E E. And free good stuff can't be evil, can it?

But no, I'm not becoming addicted nor attached to it. The only reason why I like it because I can read my company email anywhere. The handset design is ugly. The screen is too small to browse the Internet even with the unlimited data usage I have. I use the messaging only occasionally since I never announce my PIN to anyone except my closest friends. So office mail is the only reason why I stick with BlackBerry.

And actually I don't like to keep reading email but here is my situation: while I like to work during night time from my own bedroom unfortunately some of my colleagues and my customers like to work in mortal office hours, 9 to 5. So when they send email during that time they expect me to read it and reply when it's required. They may not know that during the winter in Dubai morning time is perfect to enjoy the beach. Or during noon it's better to practice desert driving instead of wasting time for meeting. We can always catch up the work at night, right? With BlackBerry I can reply to those emails and people may even think I really work during the day (obviously I don't use the signature saying 'sent from BlackBerry blah blah). And once I believe I have worked for 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, regardless the time of work either normal time or at night, then I won't bother to check my email anymore.

Anyway, with this post I'm declaring that I'm against BlackBerry no more. Unless someone is kind enough to somehow make my favorite Motorola V8 can read my office mail.


india1968 said...

hahah :)).. from BB offender becoming a BB defender (peace..:D)

but I agree about how technology can ease our efforts in life, why not?

Anonymous said...


prakash kalsaria

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