Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Immortalized CCIE

For those who have been as CCIE for 10 years and don't like to take recertification exam every 2 years, Emeritus is the answer to your prayer! :)

Emeritus Benefits:

Permission to use Emeritus logo — subject to Cisco requirements
In situations where logo is not applicable the word Emeritus will follow CCIE number
CCIE number is maintained but now classified as Emeritus status
Candidate is recognized for technical proficiency and long term status within the program
Continue to participate in discussion forums, blogs, groups, etc... as an Emeritus
Opportunity to re-enter active CCIE status for up to ten years by taking any current written CCIE exam

CCIE Emeritus is a non-active status. As such the following rules apply:

DOES NOT provide TAC support privileges or preference
DOES NOT count towards Channel / Partner requirements
DOES NOT apply towards maintaining status levels for Channel Partners
DOES REQUIRE candidates to continue to report violations to the program when encountered


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to tell you but this is just a shameless attempt from Cisco to fix the CCIE numbers which are dropping these days.
They used publish these numbers (the distribution of CCIE around the world). Not anymore! Why? How about the guys who have worked years and have tons of experience, people who have been there for years and never had the time neither the interest to certify? Have you ever wondered what was there before these certifications?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's more amusing or more shameful... You actually have to pay 85$ every year to save your number and not to recertify yourself.
Instead of that, they should let veterans who renewed their CCIE twice (so they have it at least 6 years in total) get recertified after 4 years instead of 2.
It's just another way of getting money. They know that after 10 years of CCIE, even if you don't get recertified, your experience and previous recertifications will play and it will become irrelevant.
Such a shameful thing for a lovely cert.