Saturday, July 31, 2010

Retirement Plan

I've been thinking about retirement lately.

"Aren't you too young to retire?" my close friend asked. Don't get me wrong, but I have my own definition of getting retired that may be different with the common perception.

First of all, when I'm retired it means I will do the things that I really like. I will do something that I'm really passionate about. So I will never do something because I have to, in order to make money, for example.

Second, even when I'm retired I will still work. I believe most of us have to work, because it is important for every one of us to have the feeling to accomplish something. But the work that I will do may be the same as what I'm currently doing now, or it may be completely different. I may work for a company or run my own business. And again, I will work not because I have to, but because I like to do it.

That means I can choose the type of work I want to do, and I decide when and where to do the work. Some people like to use a jargon such as financial freedom. For me I will make it simple; I need to get into a state where I can get stable income regularly regardless if I make money or not from my work. Then whatever work I will put myself into, after I decide when and where to do it, it will be because I really love doing it. If the work provides me with more money, I will just consider it as something extra.

Last but not least, I will not retire NOW. But I think it's good to start thinking about it, because it makes me at least to start building my retirement plan. I have set a timeframe, something that I can't share here. Now I need a solid plan so I can achieve my target date.

You may laugh after reading all the stuff above. But those thoughts have been hitting me for the past few days. And eventually everyone will be retired. So I challenge you to make your own definition about retirement. And start making a plan and set the target to get there.

Let's see who get there first ;)

Monday, July 05, 2010


Mondays. Hate by many, love by few. It doesn't matter because it's my 2nd week of vacation. Hate the heavy traffic due to Monday rush though, especially in Jakarta, the capital city of my country.

Contrary with what some of my friends believe, during my vacation I'm really disconnected from work. I'm completely unplugged. All my time is only for traveling with family, making photos with my M6, watching World Cup games, and enjoying my country food I've been missing because I've been far from home for too long.

I thought I could study for my next exam on July 19. But the new Himawan now thinks study is part of work. And as mentioned above, no work at all during vacation.

Let's just see what will happen then.