Monday, August 30, 2010

Why iPad

Sure it doesn't support multitasking. It's considered expensive for what it's capable of, too. But I still love my iPad. Simply because it fits my requirements. And that's what buying gadget is all about, isn't it? If the gadget is suitable for your needs, then get it. Use it to serve whatever purpose you have in mind. Use your gadget for what it's designed for.

I personally believe the dumbest person on earth is the one who keeps buying gadget just to catch up with the trend. I must have it, one may say, without knowing why and for what. The same reason some people used to buy Blackberry or any other expensive smart phones when the most things they do with it are just making calls and SMS (hey I got my blackberry for free! And the moment I find any other phone that can check my office emails natively, I will throw away that ugly looking device).       

Below are the arguments of why and how I use my iPad. I made this list not to avoid being called as dumbest, neither to justify the reason I got my iPad, not to you all, not to my wife. I got mine when I was in London anyway, so there's nothing she could do when she found out ;) But this list may be useful for those who are still thinking to buy one. Steve Jobs should thank me for advertising the iPad for free.  

I carry my iPad anywhere
Just as my Leica M6, I carry my iPad anywhere. For me the size is just perfect, it fits into my camera bag. So I can leave my bulky laptop at home if I want to write, to edit my photos or to attend a webex meting

I can write anytime
Now I have my iPad I feel like to write more. Anytime, anywhere, even when I'm in the bathroom, just like the time I wrote this note. In the beginning it was difficult to use the virtual keyboard but now I'm used to it. So be ready to get more often posts in my blog

I can read, if I want to
I don't really like to read, but sometime I have to for my work or personal needs. The iPad allows me to left home paperless and read anywhere, in any position that makes me feel much more comfortable compare to if I have to read from computer screen

Different experience during meeting
I have used Webex for virtual meeting for many years now. Webex for iPad gives a different and unique experience during the meeting. The ability to see who is talking, view other's desktop, chat and any other Webex tools that become more special because all can be done in any seating position. I just can't explain it, you've got to try to feel the experience 

Edit photos without mouse
I don't really like post processing my photos. Most of the things I do are to crop, to slightly adjust the exposure, and to add frame. Simple photo editing tool like iPhoto on mac is enough for me. iPad apps like PhotoGene brings even more pleasant experience because I can do all those without using mouse but touch screen instead 

Addicted to the game
I was a computer game addict when I was in the university. I was young and reckless, and the games almost cost me my degree at that time. Even iPad can't run serious games like StarCraft, WarCraft or Command and Conquer, there are many games that can make me spend hours. Good enough if I have to wait for my wife doing her shopping

The only multitasking I need is iPod
Life without music would be a mistake. I saw that in one music store in Singapore. Indeed music gives more color to life. It can entertain and inspire at the same time. I love to listen to the music from the iPod apps while writing, reading, or playing some light games. I can live without multitasking, as long as I can hear the song in the background when doing something on my iPad

So many apps, for free!
Don't blame me to mention jailbreak here, the US Government was the one that made it legal! And I have to admit there are so many apps on iPad that can be used to increase work productivity, to manage personal life and needs, or simply to entertain myself everytime I get bored. My sympathy to those who have worked hard to make good apps and keep the price low in iTunes store, but now the apps are available for free thanks to the inventors of jailbreak

Yeah, if you notice I didn't write 'to be connected to the Internet anywhere, anytime'. I don't need iPad for that. In fact the one I have is the wifi model, not 3G, so I must go to any hotspot to get connected. Most of the time I use the iPad to write or to edit my photos when I'm offline. This is true just like the time I wrote this note. Being connected can distract me because I will do many things but finishing my writing.

Here comes the list of apps I've used extensively with iPad. And don't bother to ask, I won't tell which one I got from iTunes store and which one for free :)

Work: Things for iPad, Webex, Keynote (it can run Power Point animations), GoodReader, iMeeting Pad, Mail, Calendar, Dropbox, iSSH, TeamViewer (best remote desktop)

Personal: Notably, PhotoGene, IM+, iPod, iDleFrame, Wordbook Dictionary, Bills, Pages, Penultimate, MyQur'an 

Games: Angry Bird, Flick Football, Flight Control, Fruit Ninja, GT Racing, Mirror's Edge, ParaPanic, Pentago, Plant vs Zombie, Tower Defense

And many other games and education apps to amuse my kids.

Now I'm thinking that I'm the one who should really thanks Steve for the brilliant idea making the iPad. Thank you, Steve.

(Written using Notably on iPad)


Mohammad8x said...

I,m a student, I have a ipod touch 3g and an old pc. You think should I buy a laptop and replace it to my pc or buy an ipad if I could just select one? Can ipad be a nice alternative to a computer with windows? My pc is kind of my home, can ipad be too?
I hope you can help me, sorry if my english was a little bad

CCIEdude said...

Check out the new Macbook Air's. They are like iPads but with a full blown OS.