Saturday, October 23, 2010

CCIE Experiences Tomorrow

In less than 24 hours I will be conducting a free webex session of CCIE Experiences: a complete story of how to prepare, pass, work and live as CCIE (in English). More than 400 people around the world have registered, about 20% are Cisco employees, and the rest comes from Cisco customers, partners, universities even our competitors.

There is a chance some of the attendees are first time webex users, so I will start the meeting earlier even the presentation will still start at 11 am Dubai time (GMT+4) tomorrow Sunday, 24 October 2010. You may want to join around 10.30 am Dubai time to test your browser, audio, chat, video and other webex meeting client features.

Below are some FAQs:

How to join the meeting?
If you have registered, you should get confirmation email with the instruction how to join. Click the link in the email and if this is the first time you attend webex client, the browser may ask to download the client. Just follow the step until you can see the meeting client and my first slide.

How to hear the audio?
There is no integrated audio, so you must use your normal phone or mobile. When the first time the meeting client pops up it will ask you to put your country code and the phone number. Do so and webex will call you. The other option is to dial the webex global number listed here, when requested put the meeting number as written in the email and follow the step until you successfully join the meeting.

What will you discuss during the session?
A complete story of my CCIE journey from the very beginning (CCNA) until 3xCCIE. Plus some advice about career in computer networking. Check the agenda on my previous post.

Will you discuss the CCIE real questions?
In the meeting with 20% of attendees are Cisco employees? Are you nuts? :) No, and I won't do it in any other session either.

Which CCIE track will you be focusing on?
CCIE SP, since this is the last track I passed and currently I work with SP technologies. I will share my view about CCIE SP 3.0 too.

How to ask questions during the meeting?
Use the chat, I will try to answer the questions on the fly if it's related with the section I'm currently talking about.

Will you repeat the session sometime in the future?
Most likely not. I don't mind to give another free webex session but probably not about CCIE experiences anymore.

Will you record the session?
Yes, but it means it won't be interactive since you can't ask question and based on my previous experience the quality of the recording may not be optimum. And the recording won't be available to download, you can only play it directly from the Internet.

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