Thursday, October 21, 2010

CCIE SP 3.0 Lab Equipments

Please stop saying IOS XR will make it too expensive and difficult to pass the new CCIE SP 3.0. The real CCIE candidates should be grateful because now anyone who can pass the lab proves at least he knows XR and latest features on 12.2.33SR IOS. In fact, Cisco should modify the name of the track to CCIE SP NGN or something, to distinguish SP 3.0 with SP 2.0. And instead of whining about how to find a lab to practice XR, you should start asking the following questions: will the XR be used as P or PE? 7600 simulator to run 12.2.33SR means no real hardware, what could be tested without the hardware? What technology can be asked from ME series? And so on

Lab Equipment
• Cisco XR12000 Series Routers
• Cisco 7200/7600 Series equivalent Routers (Using Simulator)
• Cisco ME3400E Series Switches

Software Versions
• XR12000 routers running IOS-XR Software Version 3.9.1
• 7200/7600 routers running IOS Software Version 12.2-33 SR
• ME3400E switches running IOS Software Version 12.2-54 SE


Anonymous said...

Dear Himawan;
I agree with what you said, but the issue of the hands on is still remaining with IOSXR for the candidates. is there a feasible way to practice XR commands when the real equipment are not around?

Anonymous said...

Hi Himawan -

First of all, I wanted to say that my colleagues and I have appreciated your blog postings over the past year. They are very thorough and thoughtful.

I did want to validate that the issue does still remain. I have personally seen the affect that the SP 3.0 has had on the industry. Several colleagues of mine have pursued the CCIE Service Provider as a "First CCIE" because it provides an added level of intrigue. We connected with our Cisco SE's and Account Manager to see about potential "Loaner Gear" for the XR12k's and ME's - but were told that access to those were next to impossible at this point in time.

As I stated when I spoke at this year's Internet2 Conference here in the States, Service Provider Technology continues to drive the "Next Generation" of Networking as it has for several (IT) generations.

That's why it is such a travesty that the two biggest providers of CCIE Training (Internetworking Expert and IPExpert) are moving away from offering training for the CCIE-SP. I have received in writing from both that they are not planning on providing CCIE-SP training after April 17th. I believe that is a travesty.

So with that said, do you have any practical advice that we can use to help our folks obtain the CCIE-SP 3.0? We have enough Lab Equipment to build tens of R&S Labs and 10+ SP 2.0 Labs, but aren't sure where to turn for the 3.0. Please help!


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