Wednesday, November 24, 2010

6 Days without Internet

Due to the Eid holiday in Dubai last week I had a chance to be completely off from the Internet for 6 days. So yes people, it's possible to live for a week without Facebook, email, IM and so on. I only sent a tweet per day from my Blackberry to record what I did, and here they are:

Day 1: snowboarding with the kids. Then went shopping for Eid
Day 2: eat, pray, sleep. Eid celebration and BBQ at a friend's house
Day 3: spent the whole day at the park
Day 4: in the middle of zillion teenagers, watching Jonas Brothers concert at Yas Island. Thing you must do when you have 12 years old girl!
Day 5: splashing and sun bathing at waterpark, then dining at chinese restaurant
Day 6: desert driving, flying in vertical wind tunnel and now watching Harry Potter 7. That's the end of 6 days without facebook, email, IM!

It was 6 days full of activities from snowboarding, desert driving, indoor sky diving, splashing at waterpark, to shopping, hanging out with friends and BBQ, and watching movie and the concert. Who said life without Internet would be a mistake?

I should do the same exercise with longer period someday.


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lucky You Man ....

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