Friday, December 09, 2011

Why Would I Hire You?

So you sent me email saying you want to join my company, along with your CV attached or at least with the request asking me to provide my recommendation. It's funny because of three things:

One - I'm not the owner of my current company nor the decision maker in my company's hiring process.
Two - How can I provide recommendation if I never meet or work with you personally? Do you expect me to just blindly believe in everything you said in the email or your CV?
Three - You expect me to provide recommendation but your email contains basic grammatical errors. Your CV can't be read easily, it contains unnecessary information, it doesn't tell who you are, what you are looking for, and what you are capable of, and it contains many spelling mistakes.

Let's just say I was the owner of the company. Or at least I had big influence in company's hiring process. Why would I hire you?

I would hire someone who has better skills than me. So go ahead, impress me.

I would hire someone who has extensive experience in multiple roles. Who has real experience in different type of customers. Who has been in many challenging situations.

I would hire someone who can work with minimum supervision, but at the same time can get along with the team.

I would hire someone who can adapt quickly. Who is open for options. Who's willing to look from another perspective. Technical competency can be built but someone attitude may not change after many years.

I would hire someone who will bring new values to the team. Who comes with different mindset. Who will bring up new and fresh ideas.

But above all, I would definitely hire someone if I could say: Hey, I know you. I have seen your work. And I heard lots of good things about you.

Now you just need to change the question to: why would (insert your dream company name here) hire you?

Good day.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

What's Your Story? Version 2

Five weeks ago I was escorted by a vehicle with 3 guys carrying automatic weapons, just to get into Lagos airport.

Four weeks ago I led 10 cars to Fossil Rock in Dubai, and for some it was their first experience desert driving for real.

Then on Sunday morning I took another Emirates flight from Dubai airport.

Reached Vienna, moved to the Schengen side.

Took small airplane to reach Budapest. Thank God, it still really works.

Met and got envious by so many couples in this amazing place.

And watched the time pass by from Danube bank.

But I felt lonely so I know I should spend my weekend somewhere else.

On Thursday three weeks ago I packed my bag and took the train to Bratislava.

Took a budget airline from Letisko airport to...

.. Barcelona! Visited Camp Nou stadium directly, home of FC Barcelona!

Then spent most of the Friday afternoon in Barcelona with the seagulls at Moll de la Fusta.

Time seems to stop moving here.

Probably the best place to have one own time.

Life is like a boat, they said.

I really wished you were here.

My first sunset in Barcelona.

It reminded me why I love traveling. I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away.

The next day I spent time from morning to walk around Ribera, Gothic Church, Picasso Museum.

But the most impressive experience was watching the game between FC Barcelona against Racing on Saturday evening, live from Camp Nou stadium with more than 80,000 spectators!

I even stayed outside the parking exit with all other fans, trying to catch the FC Barcelona players driving their Audi home.

The next day on Sunday morning I passed Arc de Triomf before leaving Barcelona.

Then I took Ryan Air flight back to Bratislava.

I almost missed my train to Budapest. Got on board a minute before it left, literally.

So two weeks ago I spent another few days in Budapest.

Listen to Speak Softly Love on the street.

Took some risk just to make a photo of Budapest tram.

And spent the last night in Budapest at Danube.

Really said goodbye to Budapest when I left through Keleti train station.

Reached Bratislava again.

Leaving from Letisko airport again for one last trip before heading home.

On Wednesday night two weeks ago, guess which city map I was checking?

Guess where did I listen to cool song that night?

Rome! It was raining though.

Didn't stop me to walk around.

And climbed the Spanish Steps.

Fontana di Trevi was cleaned up due to the rain.

Good thing the sun started coming up when I went to Vatican.

Felt lost at San Pietro square.

Took the long and impossible stairs to reach the top of the Basilica San Pietro dome.

The view of Vatican city from the top was amazing.

The sunset here is unforgettable too.

And the trip to Rome wouldn't be completed without visiting the amazing Colosseo.

Watched the gladiator getting prepared.

And passed through the road tunnel.

Friday two weeks ago was the time to go back home in Dubai. To go back to the desert too.

But before that, on Tuesday last week I went out to see Metallica performing live at Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi!

I grew up listening to their music, so can't get enough screaming and headbanding that night.

I must gave my respect to James by showing the fingers.

Last week I also reached the magic number 444 somehow on Instagram.

And last Friday it was just a usual weekend at Dubai desert.

Finally yesterday I watched the sunset from the beach next to Burj Al Arab hotel.

What's your story?

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And thank you, God, for the amazing time during the past 5 weeks.