Thursday, March 03, 2011

Getting Dumber

I'm getting dumber day by day.

My blackberry crashed, then I realized that I don't remember any phone number anymore including my wife's because the phone keeps that for me.
My macbook refused to boot, then I realized I have taken the Internet for granted.
Without email and IM it means all official communication must be done verbally which is usually not required.
Without google, I know nothing. I've never bothered to memorize.
I always search when I need to know something.
So without Internet, I'm dumb.

The technology makes me dumber.
And only when it fails I start to realize this.

I guess the solution is either to ditch the technology, back to what it used to be, or to make it never fails.

If you prefer the latter, let's talk about High Availability.


Luís said...

Hahahaha i laughed a lot at the last part. High availability really is the answer.

justin m said...

I usually feel the same way. And then I realize what a huge relief it is to not have to check email, voicemail, surf the web.