Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another CCIE Session @ WebEx

I'm planning to conduct another CCIE sharing session on WebEx and this time is for Routing & Switching track. The session most probably will be called: CCIE R&S, the Unofficial Update. I've been involved in the R&S lab content development, and I did the alpha testing for CCIE R&S troubleshooting section recently, so you may consider this session as "independent review" of the current lab exam.

I believe CCIE R&S may gain another momentum with the refreshed content (it's still v4, it's still the same blueprint) especially after the SP track introduces IOS XR to the lab, to make the R&S as the only track that can be practiced using virtual machine or emulator.

And even if I really make the title as 'Unofficial', but I actually had a chat with the program manager few days ago, and he's giving me permission to show some sample topology of the lab including the troubleshooting section. Obviously it won't be the actual lab and I won't discuss any NDA material in the session.

The first session is in my native language and I'm thinking to conduct it next Sunday. It's just few days after the deadline to submit design document for my current project, and just a day before the ISO audit at work. I guess the pressure is what makes it more fun, isn't it?

The second session is in English, and most likely will happen on the following Sunday. Please wait for more information from me.


Unknown said...

I am waiting for a CCIE security session of WebEx. Would this be happen in the future? Thanks.

Himawan Nugroho said...

Well, it's been almost 10 years since I passed my R&S, and the only reason why I can give this session is because I was involved in the exam development, and I took the alpha testing. So unless Yusuf asks me to do the similar with Security, I won't be able to provide any update because it's more than 5 years since I passed my security lab.

Luis Felipe said...
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Luis Felipe said...

Waiting for those updates! Really excited to see the session, since I'm about to start studying for my CCIE R&S!
Big fan here, Mr. Nugroho.