Sunday, April 24, 2011

CCIE R&S Unofficial Update - Light Table

It's Sunday, Easter holiday for some, and still more than 400 people registered with 170 attended the session!

From the list of attendees I can see people joined from all over the world, from Australia, South East and Far East Asia, to Middle East, Africa, UK and Europe, US, Central and Latin America. It may not be the most convenient time to attend a WebEx session for some, so thank you very much for joining!

Enjoy the light table view of the slides. And thank you once again.


Manish Salaria said...

Love it.Awesome session..:-)

Rainman said...

please himawan for those, can we have the powerpoint file if it's possible. plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Reymon Baul said...

Inspiring webex session.. Keep up the good work! :) Oh, if possible can we have a copy of your slides;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I could not attend it last Sunday, did you record the webex session and is it available somewhere to watch/download?