Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CCIE R&S WebEx Session (English) - FAQ

When is the session?
Sunday, 24th April 2011 at 11 am Dubai time (UTC+4)

Do I have to pay to join?
No, it's an open session. Anyone who is interested with the subject can join.

How to join the session?
Please register by using the following link and fill all the required information. Once you are approved, you will receive WebEx invite with meeting information.

How to get approval?
Just fill up all the required info properly. Attention: once get approved, the WebEx invite will be sent to the email you put during registration. So it's very important to use your actual email.

Do I need to send email to Himawan with "I have registered" or "please include me"?
No. If I feel that you put the right information (e.g. no funny name, and it looks like you put real job title, company name, city etc) I will approve it for sure.

After registration gets approved, then what?

WebEx invite will be sent over the email. Inside the invite there is a link to join the session on Sunday with the meeting information such as the meeting password and the WebEx number you can dial if you don't use the callback feature (please read the answer about the audio in the meeting).

Do I need to install any software to join the WebEx?
On Sunday when you click the link from WebEx invite and this is your first time attending WebEx meeting, there may be a plugin/client needs to be installed but usually it happens automagically you just need to follow the process and accept the installation when asked.

What kind of features are available during the session?

Using WebEx client you will be able to see the slides, listen to the audio (over the phone), watch the video of myself and other attendees if they turn on the camera, and you can chat with me and all others.

What is the minimum bandwidth required to use the client?
From documentation it needs about 90 - 130 kbps in order to see the slide and video with acceptable delay. But I heard in my last WebEx session one person joined with Internet dial up connection and was still able to see the slide even with some delay. Audio is using normal phone so it's not relevant with the bandwidth.

How to listen to the audio?
When the first time you join the meeting there will be a pop-up window asking to fill up your country code and phone number, then the system will call that number. You can also get the same pop-up window by selecting 'join conference' from the menu. The other way is by calling the WebEx number available in the WebEx invite and put the meeting number when asked.

Can I join with audio only, without WebEx client?
Yes, you can. To make the system call your number you need to join with the client and fill up your phone number as explained above. But if you want to join with audio only, please dial to the WebEx number available in the invite and put the meeting number when asked. The meeting number can be found from the same WebEx invite.

Why can't the audio use integrated Voip?
Because the VoiP quality depends on your Internet connection. Some of the attendees may not have fast Internet connection hence won't get a good audio. And in the WebEx that I use there is no option to use both normal phone and integrated Voip for audio, I have to select either one so I go with normal phone.

How to ask question during the session?
Everyone will be put in muted from the beginning of the meeting. If you want to ask question please use the chat window, and send your question to everyone not privately to me. I want to make the session as interactive as possible so you can ask anytime and I will try to answer right away. The questions related to the current slide are more preferable.

Why this kind of session always happen on Sunday?
Because that's the only time I can do it.

Will the session be recorded?
Yes, but the recording won't be available for download and I can't guarantee the quality of the audio in the recording. And obviously it won't be interactive so if you have questions in mind related to the subject you will have your opportunity to ask during the session.


Luis Felipe said...

Already registered, really can't wait for the session. I never thought it would be that interactive!

Olusegun said...

To access the recorded session, do i need to register now?

Md Mahbubu Hasan said...

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