Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Avatar FAQ

What is Project Avatar?
Project Avatar is an open professional community with one goal: to help its members to learn, get the experience, connect to each other, and pitch and market their profile to the world. Project Avatar uses modified social networking platform to serve this purpose.

Why is it called 'Project Avatar'?
Avatar = a visible manifestation or embodiment of an abstract concept. Avatar is your profile as others perceive you. This community is about your project to build your avatar, in order for you to be successful as a professional in international market.

Who should join?

Anyone who wants to be a better professional can join Project Avatar. Students can join to learn about the real world working environment from the professionals. Lectures or executives can join too to share their thoughts and experiences.

Is it only for IT Professionals?
Even right now most of the members are professionals from IT and Telecommunication, the community is actually open for anyone. You can form a group with those who have the same profession like you using this platform.

Why can't we use the existing social network?
The other social network is either too personal, you can't mix the professional environment with virtual farming or poker game, or lack more features to allow professional to do more than only making connections.

How can it be different with other professional network site?
Other professional network can provide connections. But that's all. Project Avatar provides mentoring concept where anyone who wants to become a mentor can use the facilities not only to form group, upload video, write blog, and chat, but as well as to answer the questions, make poling, share document, and conduct web seminar or have discussion on virtual whiteboard. And mentor will get point by doing those.

How to sustain the mentoring model in this community?

Senior professionals can mentor younger professionals. Professionals can mentor the students. Students someday will become professionals and can mentor the other professionals or students.

What does it mean: Learn, Experience, Connect, Pitch?

Project Avatar is connecting the dots between the four aspects required to become successful in professional world: skill, experience, connection, and ability to sell and market thyself (pitch).

How can the member learn from this community?
Member can read other professionals' thoughts and experiences from blog, get answer from the forum or Q&A tool, form study group, attend the web conference and whiteboard conducted by other professionals.

What kind of experience do you offer?

Having connection to other professionals around the world can give experience in communication and ability to work as a team. We put Points System as well to simulate the reward from real world that you can get if you actively involve in discussion, share your thoughts, conduct conference and so on. And we are planning to release Project Avatar's Challenge in the near future.

How about connection?

In Project Avatar, not only you can make connections to other professionals around the world, you can also show your coaching skill and leadership by mentoring others. You can use the feature available like virtual whiteboard and desktop sharing to collaborate with other professionals and build stronger connections.

How can the member pitch the profile?
All your activities in this platform is one way to pitch your profile. Recruiter or anyone who wants to know your background can just look at your blog, your recorded web conference, what you have done to help others, how many points you have, have you been as feature member and so on. More experienced professionals can help you to be better during job's interview and to improve your CV in discussion group or forum. And we are planning to release more video tools to make you able to pitch your profile in a better way.

Do I have to pay to join?
No, it's free and it will always be free to join Project Avatar.

Will you use my information to spam me?
No, your information will not be used without your permission.

Can I still follow the community's activities without signing up?
Yes, you can. However you won't be able to participate actively in the community like provide comments, answer questions, discuss in forum, get points and so on.

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