Friday, May 06, 2011

Project Avatar

I had a dream. A dream to build community for professionals and students so they can be better and able to compete in International markets. After 6 months thinking about the concept and discussing it with some close friends, few days ago I launched Project Avatar.

Project Avatar is an open community with one purpose: to help its members to learn, get the experience, connect to each other, and pitch and market their profile to the world. Project Avatar is connecting the dots between four aspects required to become successful in professional world: skill, experience, connection, and ability to sell and market thyself. Anyone who wants to be a better professional can join Project Avatar.

The key behind Project Avatar is the social networking platform that allows the members to form study group, to upload video, write blog, ask and answer question, participate in the poll, share the document, attend virtual session just as my recent CCIE on WebEx. Hopefully the member can act not only as mentee in the community, but as well as the mentor to help the others.

Project Avatar is still considered Beta, but you can join now to start using the platform. I put Feedback feature so you can give direct comments about anything within the community, and I will treat each comment seriously.

The recording of my previous "CCIE R&S, The Unofficial Update" WebEx session has been split into several smaller sections and available for the members of Project Avatar.

Convey, even if it’s only a single word.

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