Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Knows You?

A friend of mine told me once: it's not what you know, it's who you know. I disagree. I think the right statement is: it's who knows you. The complete sentence is: it's who knows you, then what you know and what you have done count in later stage.

A strong connection may be able to give you a job directly (I have seen this, it's common practice in development country like in my home country). But a good connection may only land you to job interview. Hence what you know and what you have done in the past are required to pass the interview and get the job.

How to make people know you? One way is by sharing your knowledge. If you know something write it in the blog, answer people's questions, conduct presentation through web conference, and so on. Even if you think the knowledge has less value for others, because others may think otherwise! And by doing this, you make people know you.

Project Avatar
provides the facilities for the community member to share the knowledge, ideas or lesson learned from past experience. Spread the knowledge even if you think it's not the greatest idea or the most complicated in the world. Something you know might be valuable information for others.

Convey, even it's only a single word.

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