Thursday, June 09, 2011

Beyond Blogging

I always enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I've been blogging for 6 years now, and I felt like I should do more and something beyond blogging. So sometime last month I decided to build Project Avatar platform that has more powerful features from blog, and hopefully it can encourage other professionals to share their ideas and experiences as well in order to build the knowledge-sharing culture in our society.

So far the following features are available on Project Avatar:

- this is each member's home portal where he or she can see the latest news, the recent blogs, recent questions, recent polls and many other information

Blogs - where the member can share the ideas or opinions. It has to be the member's original writing, if a member find interesting link from the Internet she can post it under News

Groups - member can learn and share ideas without joining any group, but our group is very powerful where members can have discussion, upload document, create event, upload photo and make polling

Videos - where member can share either her own video or interesting video found on the Internet

Ask Question - our favorite Q&A tools where any member can ask question and any member can answer, and both will be rewarded with points by doing so

Lounge - this is our collaboration tool where members can have virtual whiteboard, chat, share desktop, audio and webcam etc. It can be used to conduct Web Conference event as well

Basecamp - this is project management tool that will be used for the new Project Avatar's Challenge program (coming soon!)

News - news around the world, any member can post as long as he includes the reference source

Jobs Ads - where member can post jobs ads

Chat - our chat engine is powerful and efficient, with chatroom and ability to send handwriting or file to the other member.

Other than this Project Avatar also has point system where any activities by the member get rewarded with the points.

With all the features above, I'm happy now I have one place to share my ideas and experience beyond blogging. And at the same time I'm making connections with many professionals with different background from all over the world.

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