Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Project Avatar's Challenge

For the first Project Avatar's Challenge (PAC) project that I'll be leading personally. I've been sharing daily tips on how to become CCIE on Project Avatar CCIE's Diary group discussion. For the first PAC project as pilot we will create CCIE's Diary ebook based on that discussion, within 30 days.

Following are the detailed information:

Project objective: to build electronic book of CCIE's Diary

Scope of work (main tasks):
- finalize the content
- design the cover and illustration in the book
- find url references and create side story
- create supporting items like ToC and index
- test the book

Estimated duration of the project: 30 days

Breakdown timeline:
- 20 days to finalize the content
- 10 days for design and illustration (parallel with content)
- 10 days to find url and side story (parallel with content)
- 5 days to create supporting items
- 2 days to test the book
- 3 days to clean up and finalize the book

Specific resources required:
- at least 1 CCIE, or 1 member who has taken a lab attempt
- at least 1 member who can design book cover
- at least 1 member with strong English writing skill
- any members can test the book or submit their side story, even they don't want to get involved directly

Additional information:
- anyone participate actively finalizing the content will be mentioned as the "Contributors" of the book
- any design and illustration in the book will have the creator's name
- any side story will have the name of the one who submits it

Anyone can join the project. Please join the PAC group now!

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