Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Manage Project with Basecamp

I've been managing and leading many projects for more than 10 years. Most of the time my project involves people from different countries in different timezone. And I use collaboration tools, I use them a lot.

At Project Avatar we want you to get the same experience like mine. That's the reason we launched Project Avatar's Challenge (PAC) yesterday. It's an opportunity to lead and work in a team consists of people with different background from different countries, and to create a product as per the project's objective. And we will use a simple collaboration tool called Basecamp.

Project Management is all about communication. With Basecamp you can get all relevant information in the project such as to-do list, project communication messages, event and milestone in the calendar, writeboard to create and edit document together, and repository for all project documents.

Every project member can get involved in the discussion. Any suggestion and comments must be documented. In fact, Basecamp allow everyone to put comment on everything (in Message, To-do list, Calendar and Writeboard)

Good ideas must be converted into action items. To-do list is the best way to break down the tasks in the project and assign responsibility.

Writeboard is the place to create documentation in the project. Any project member can create new or edit the existing document and save it as new document.

When there is change into the document, Basecamp will track it and we can compare the current and previous versions.

In the project we have to document everything. Reference is good, but it must be relevant. Any references or files related to the project can be uploaded to Basecamp.

Follow up is the key of successful project. That's why Basecamp calendar can show the event and milestone the team member need to achieve. There is email notification as well as RSS feed for the project.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your idea into project today!

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Unknown said...

Basecamp is a nice tool in terms of basic project management. When our creative team just got together, it worked great for us and I recommended it to everyone. But our projects grew in scope and numbers, and so did our team. At some point I felt that I lack control over the team’s progress and I can’t always get a big picture of all projects. We evaluated about a dozen other solutions and switched to proofhub ( about a month ago. Love their collaboration features. I got quite positive feedback about the tool from the team.